Planned Giving

The Idaho Community Foundation has several options for people who want to include philanthropy in their estate planning. We know the importance of flexibility and that people change their minds.  Once we receive the documents outlining your client’s intention to create an ICF charitable giving fund with a planned gift, your clients can change, add or delete organizations that will receive grants. This can be done through ICF directly and doesn’t require time from you or your staff.

By including the Idaho Community Foundation EIN: 82-0425063 in their estate plan, your clients can be named as members of our Legacy Society or they can remain anonymous.


Create a new ICF fund or name an existing fund as a beneficiary.


A bequest can be made through your client's will or living trust. It is easy to establish and can be revocable. A bequest can be a set amount of cash, securities, or other assets; or the “residue” or a “percentage of the residue” of the estate.
Click here to see our sample bequest language.

Click to email ICF for more information. 

Life Insurance
Transfer an existing policy to the Idaho Community Foundation or purchase a new one in ICF’s name.


Naming the Idaho Community Foundation as a beneficiary of an insurance policy allows your client to create a charitable legacy without using cash and other assets designated for their heirs.


Retirement Assets
Maximize value by minimizing income and estate taxes.


Taxation on retirement plan withdrawals decreases their value for your client's heirs. They can consider providing other assets to heirs and naming the Idaho Community Foundation as the beneficiary of their retirement accounts. They can save taxes and preserve hard-earned assets for the good of their community.


To name the Idaho Community Foundation as the beneficiary of a retirement plan, contact the plan administrator for the IRA or tax-deferred retirement account and request a Change of Beneficiary form. List the Idaho Community Foundation (EIN: 82-0425063) and the percentage of the plan’s value (0-100%) that should go to ICF on the beneficiary form. Return the form to the plan administrator.

Charitable Gift Annuity
Receive a lifetime income in exchange for a charitable gift.


With a charitable gift annuity, your client receives a fixed stream of income for life. Through a simple contract, they agree to make a donation of cash, stocks or other assets to the Idaho Community Foundation. In exchange, the annuitant will receive regular fixed payments for the remainder of their life. After the passing of the annuitant, the remaining principal is transferred to a new or existing ICF fund to accomplish their specific charitable goals. Try the gift calculator (below) to see how it works.


Charitable gift annuities are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Contact ICF to discuss availability. 

Charitable Trusts
Provide income to heirs and then to the Idaho Community Foundation (charitable remainder trust), or provide income to the Idaho Community Foundation and then to heirs (charitable lead trust).


Several types of charitable remainder trusts or a charitable lead trust create valuable options in estate planning by providing tax savings, a significant gift and income for either a charity or family members.