Cash, Checks or Money Orders

A gift of cash is the easiest way to create a new fund or add to an existing one, and is eligible for a tax deduction. Check donations can be made payable to the Idaho Community Foundation or to the fund of your choice, and mailed directly to our main office:

Idaho Community Foundation
210 W State Street
Boise, ID 83702

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Stocks and bonds that are highly appreciated may be given to the Foundation, thereby allowing you to deduct the full fair market value as a charitable donation and avoid capital gains tax. According to ICF policy, we sell stock immediately after receipt and do not try to “time” the market. All donors interested in contributing stock should notify ICF prior to the transaction.

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Real Estate
Property may be accepted after careful evaluation. Typically, the property must be readily marketable and free of environmental problems. The Foundation's general policy is to accept gifts of real property so that it may be sold and the proceeds added to an existing fund or to create a new one. You receive a charitable deduction for the value of the property and avoid capital gains taxes.

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Tangible Personal Property
Personal property, such as art collections, jewelry, and automobiles that are marketable may be accepted after careful review. The Foundation will sell the property and use the proceeds to add to an existing fund or create a new one.

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Transfer of an Existing Private Foundation
An ICF fund relieves you and other board members of the complexities and costs associated with running a private foundation. We have several different fund options allow you to accomplish the charitable goals of your foundation and remain as active as you want in selecting annual beneficiaries.

The easiest way to terminate a private foundation is to distribute all of its assets to a public charity, such as a community foundation, that has been in existence for at least five years and is described in section 509(a)(1) of the IRS Code. Such a distribution automatically terminates the foundation’s status with the IRS, without the need to take additional action other than filing the foundation’s final Form 990-PF.

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Gifts of Privately Held Stock
There are excellent tax incentives for contributing stock of a privately held corporation to a fund at the Foundation. Potential gifts of privately held stock are presented to the ICF Investment Committee for approval, which takes into consideration issues such as marketability of the stock, exposure to the unrelated business income (UBIT), possible adverse effects to the Foundation’s tax-exempt status, and possible exposure to the corporation’s creditor claims and liabilities.

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