Grant Reporting

Not all grants require an End of Grant Report. Consult your grant agreement to see if one is required. Organizations that receive funding from the Regional Grant Cycles or one of our other competitive grant programs must submit an End of Grant Report. Organizations that do not submit End of Grant Reports may be denied future funding.

Please contact ICF staff at (208) 342-3535 if you have questions about End of Grant Reports.

Forever Idaho Regional Grants End of Grant Report Due
Northern Regional Cycle Not Required
Eastern Regional Cycle Not Required
Southwestern & South Central Regional Cycle Not Required
Donor Advised Cycle Grants End of Grant Report Due
Student Loan Fund of Idaho January 15
Bonner County HRTF April 30
Bonner County Arts  April 30
Bistline Foundation Spring Cycle May 1
Bistline Foundation Fall Cycle November 1
Ifft Foundation Spring Cycle March 15
Ifft Foundation Fall Cycle August 15
Shelton Foundation September 1
Langroise Fund January 15
North Idaho Action Fund Sep 30
Cancer Connection of Idaho Fund - Spring Cycle May 1
Cancer Connection of Idaho Fund -
Fall Cycle
November 1
Chobani Community Impact Fund - Interim Report | Final Report September 1

End of Grant Report