The Legacy Society

The Idaho Community Foundation’s Legacy Society recognizes those who will shape Idaho’s future through a planned gift to the Community Foundation. Being a named member of the Legacy Society gives us a chance to thank these generous donors during their lifetimes and may encourage others to join. We also honor anonymous membership.

If you have any question about the Legacy Society, you can email our staff or call (208) 342-3535.

Complete a Legacy Society Statement of Intent

Legacy Society Members (as of January 2022)

Dorothy Adler* - Kootenai, ID
Candi and Randy Allphin - Boise, ID
Kay Alspaugh - Boise, ID
Donald and Trudy Anderson - Boise, ID
Don and Judy Atkinson - Hailey, ID
Robert A. (Spike)* and Judith D. Baker - Boise, ID
Mike and Kathy Beard - Sandpoint, ID
Gloria Beattie and Charles Sundby - Meridian, ID
Bill Berg - Sagle, ID
H. LaRue* and Bernice* Bevington - Meridian, ID
Lucile S. Bickett* - Gooding, ID
Memory L. Blodgett - Buckeye, AZ
David Bohart - Nampa, ID
Carl G. Bontrager & Kathleen K. Lynn - Ketchum, ID
Barbara Botsch - Sandpoint, ID
Ernest and Carla Bratley - Sandpoint, ID
Rachel Winer and Tim Breuer - Boise, ID
Guy E.* Mary D.* Butterfield - Sun Valley, ID
Larry* and Pamela Cardinale - Garden City, ID
Richard and Heather Carosone - Idaho Falls, ID
Barbara and JP Carver - Sandpoint, ID
Pete* and Freda Cenarrusa - Boise, ID
Annie Chalfant - Boise, ID
John S. Chapman* - Boise, ID
Larry and Shirley Chetwood - Boise, ID
Donald W.* and Joann C.* Cissel - Idaho Falls, ID
Trent L. and Rebecca L. Clark - Soda Springs, ID
Tim and Kate Coiner - Twin Falls, ID
Lee and Lori Cullen - Vista, CA
Leroy and Barbara Custer - Boise, ID
Dennis Dahl - Eagle, ID
Pat Dailey - Gooding, ID
Robert* and Barbara* Dargatz - Hailey, ID
James M. David and R. Kay* Snyder - Ammon, ID
Thelma Dean - Bonners Ferry, ID
Jack and Janice DeBaun - Dover, ID
Curtis H. Eaton - Boise, ID
Karen Ferguson - Boise, ID
John B.* and Delores L. Fery - Boise, ID
Richard C.* and Shirley I.* Fields - Boise, ID
Donald* and Gretchen* Fraser - Sun Valley,
Bill and Gay Fruehling - Ketchum, ID
Sherryl E. and William K. Fulton - Sagle, ID
Marilyn J. George - Sandpoint, ID
Lesley Goffinet* - Sagle, ID
Eric Remais and Joyce Gordon - Hailey, ID
Linda Grable-Curtis - Meridian, ID
Ron Graves and Diane Plastino Graves - Boise, ID
Bron Roberts and Jeremy Gray - Boise, ID
Steve and Donna Guerber - Eagle, ID
William B. "Brack" Hale* - Ketchum, ID
Tim Hamilton - Ketchum, ID
Bob and Anne Hay - Boise, ID
Guy H. Hearon - Sandpoint, ID
Gretchen Albrecht Hellar* - Sandpoint, ID
Alice E. Hennessey - Boise, ID
David and Jill Hitchin - Sun Valley, ID
Leslee and Bob Hoover - Buckeye, AZ
Pamela K. Howard - Lewiston, ID
Kenneth R.* and Betty J.* Huff - Boise, ID
Ron and Mary Hughes - Boise, ID
Richard* and Donna Hutter - Sandpoint, ID
Nick* and Sara* Ifft - Spokane, WA
Tom and Ann Jacobs - Eagle, ID
Joseph M.* and Ella M.* Marty Family Trust - Yuba City, CA
Kurt* and Genola* Kandler - Ashton, ID
Dawn and Ken Kees - Lewiston, ID
Price Worrell - Columbia, SC
Donald and Nancy Bowen Longwith - Idaho Falls, ID
Mack and Cheryl Lopez - Nampa, ID
Clark and Gracie Lusk - Hayden, ID
Carl G. Bontrager & Kathleen K. Lynn - Ketchum, ID
Todd L. Maddock - Spokane, WA
Eugene H. Magleby* - Idaho Falls, ID
Joe* and Patty Marshall - Meridian, ID
Bev Martin - Ola, ID
Mike and Jan McBride - Twin Falls, ID
John and Mary* McGown - Boise, ID
Pat and Lisa McMurray - Boise, ID
Rhonda Millick - Eagle, ID
Bill and Lisa Mirams - Ketchum, ID
Thomas Morgan - Boise, ID
Mark and Holly Motes - Boise, ID
Tricia L. Nance - Boise, ID
Mona Noble - Mountain Home, ID
Charlotte S. Oslund* - Boise, ID
Max L. Owen* - Sandpoint, ID
Genevieve M. Paroni* - Post Falls, ID
Dick* and Susan Parrish - Meridian, ID
Carolyn Patrick - Emmett, ID
Alan Pennay - Sun Valley, ID
Thomas D. and Vickie A. Pfeifer - Cocolalla, ID
Doug Porter - Idaho Falls, ID
Robert P. and Suzanne C. Rainville - Boise, ID
Madelyn D. Rawlinson - Seattle, WA
Harlan and Barbara Renner - Dalton Gardens, ID
Dorothy Rhoades* - Kamiah, ID
Steven P. and Denise D. Roberge - Dalton Gardens, ID
Bron Roberts and Jeremy Gray - Boise, ID
Harold E. Rumsey - Boise, ID
Thomas and Susan Saldin - Boise, ID
Ron J. Sali - Eagle, ID
Ann McCutchan Sandven - Boise, ID
Brenda and Terry Sanford - Heyburn, ID
Jerry* and Marcia* Selig - Phoenix, AZ
William Severson - Caldwell, ID
Judith and James Seydel - Idaho Falls, ID
Jay and Sue Shelledy - Sagle, ID
Jim and Glena Sherman - Juliaetta, ID
Walt and Kristin Sinclair - McCall, ID
Dorothy Snowball - Boise, ID
James M. David and R.Kay Snyder* - Idaho Falls, ID
Richard L. Sorensen - McMinnville, OR
Ray and Linda Stark - Boise, ID
Charles F. Story* - Boise, ID
Charles Sundby and Gloria Beattie - Meridian, ID
Tricia Swartling - Ketchum, ID
Ben and Lauren Tassos - Boise, ID
Marty Telford and Carol Eklund - Eagle, ID
Tom and Sue Thilo - Hayden, ID
Susan E. Thomas - Sagle, ID
Jim and Karin Thompson - Medford, OR
Jim and Melissa Thomssen - Nampa, ID
L. Wayne Townsend - Sandpoint, ID
Phyllis Harris Townsend - Sandpoint, ID
Allyson and Scott Unzen - Sandpoint, ID
Bobbette F. Viker - Boise, ID
Keith and Jan Walker - St. Anthony, ID
Jeneal F. Wattenbarger* - Shelley, ID
L. Dean Welch* - Emmett, ID
Nancy Benter White - Challis, ID
Thomas* and Margaret Williams - Redding, CA
Jack and Mary Pat Winderl - Eagle, ID
Rachel Winer and Tim Breuer - Boise, ID
Gregory Garlick and Marcia Wing - Boise, ID
Raymond and Janice Wolfe - Caldwell, ID
Bill Woolley - Boise, ID
Clem Yonker and Lori Getts - Sandpoint, ID
Helen K. Yuditsky - Coeur d'Alene, ID