Support ICF Through Membership

Hundreds of people from Idaho and beyond believe in the important work of the Idaho Community Foundation and participate in the annual membership program to support our operations, which allows us to focus on our community impact throughout the state.

Memberships start as low as $25 for individuals, $50 for couples, and can be purchased for nonprofits and businesses. Giving levels are:

Benefactor $1,000 and above
Patron $500-$999
Sponsor $250-$499
Sustainer $100-$249
Supporter $50-$99
Friend (individual membership only) $25-$49
Corporate/Nonprofit Partner* $25 and above
*Partners are ineligible to vote

Members are:
• Responsible for annually electing ICF’s Board of Directors and may be advised on important matters related to ICF
• Encouraged to spread the word about ICF to nonprofits or donors who may benefit from ICF services
• Eligible to serve a leadership position at the Idaho Community Foundation such as a board director, regional grants panel member, etc.


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