Regional Councils

ICF 4 RegionsThroughout our history, we have relied on local volunteers to connect the Idaho Community Foundation’s resources with the needs in their communities, and our regional grant panels have been the hallmark of our regional grants program. 

We believe that local knowledge and experience are the cornerstone of effective philanthropy and we are leveraging the success of our regional grant panels with a more robust and inclusive system to build and strengthen our relationships with donors, community leaders and nonprofits who share our mission to enrich the quality of life throughout Idaho.

We introduced our Regional Councils in 2020. We have a council in four regions of the state – North, East, South Central and Southwest.

Regional Council members are ICF’s most important link to local communities and ensure that charitable resources are directed to community needs.


Role of the Regional Council:

  • Serve as ambassadors for the Idaho Community Foundation.
  • Share knowledge about local needs, effective programs and provide input on ICF's strategic direction.
  • Recommend grants from Forever Idaho and other regional grant programs.

Responsibilities of a Regional Council member

  • Believe in the mission, vision, values and priorities of the Idaho Community Foundation.
  • Maintain membership in the Idaho Community Foundation.
  • Attend twice yearly Regional Council meetings, one of which will focus on community needs exploration and philanthropy best practices and one of which will focus on recommending grant recipients.
  • Regional Council members will be eligible to serve two 3-year terms.

Want to volunteer on a Regional Council?

Contact Cara Nielsen, Vice President - Philanthropy and Impact,

History of our Regional Grantmaking
More than 30 years ago, the Idaho Community Foundation began as a big idea. A group of visionary leaders, spearheaded by John Fery, believed that a broad source of charitable capital was needed to ensure that Idaho’s greatest needs were met as the state continued to grow. Fery and others recognized from the beginning that establishing a statewide organization would be challenging because of the cultural and geographic differences in Idaho. To overcome the idea that this was a “Boise foundation,” the founders established regions and committed to dividing unrestricted resources equally among them.

Today, the Idaho Community Foundation remains Idaho’s only statewide organization focused on building resources to forever support Idaho’s communities. And, thanks to the support of thousands of individuals who believed in Fery’s big idea, collective philanthropy is thriving.