Funds in the Foundation

ICF currently manages more than 600 charitable funds, each with its own name, and each established for a particular purpose by the fund creator(s). Every year, the funds make grants, distributions, or scholarships that accomplish the donor's goals. Below are the types of funds we offer.  To see an alphabetical listing of the funds in each category, click on the fund type.

Designated Funds: Established by a donor to forever support one or more of their favorite charities; annual distributions are made to the named beneficiaries.

Donor Advised Endowed Funds: Donors annually select beneficiaries, who may vary from year to year. Typically, after two generations of advisors, the fund reverts to a Designated, Greatest Need or Field of Interest fund.

Donor Advised Non-Endowed Funds: Similar to the Donor Advised Fund but, as a non-endowed fund, the entire fund balance is available for annual distribution; donors annually select beneficiaries, who may vary from year to year. 

Forever Idaho Funds: Donors decide which they’d like to support – ICF’s statewide initiatives, a favorite region of Idaho (East, North, South Central or Southwest) and/or a particular cause. Or support all of them! Your gift is combined with others for maximum charitable impact.

Organizational Funds:Established by a nonprofit to forever support their mission; annual distributions are made to the nonprofit to be used as their board deems appropriate.

Scholarship Funds:
Donors customize a scholarship for graduates of a certain school, for studies in a specific field or programs at a particular education institution. The donor may play a role in the selection process.

Special Project Funds: ICF acts as a fiscal sponsor for a charitable project, handling the administration and management of funds; distributions are made to complete the project.